This is me!

If the title hasn’t given it away, I’m Paula, AKA Paula Jane Art. I am currently in the final year of a BA Fine art Degree, studying at Blackburn College Art School, Lancashire, UK. I joined the degree programme in 2017 as a mature student, little knowing how much creativity was about to be unlocked through the support of tutors, peers, art research and experimental practice.

I am a nurse who currently works for the NHS on a busy frailty unit, and I’m about to enter my 20th year of being qualified (time flies!!). I am also a mother of a teenager, and that can often be a tough job in itself, but I’ve found that my life and work experiences have manifested themselves into my art over the last 3 years. My love for art and creativity has helped me to compartmentalise my life, and often stressful job, bringing with it clarity and perspective. It has opened doors and taught me that even in your 40’s you can begin an exciting adventure, learn new things and meet new people. Yes, I am a nurse, yes I am a mother, but most importantly I am me, I am an artist!

The main content of this on-going blog will be the journey through my final year of the Degree course, but it marks the beginning of my creative future as an artist. The links to my first and second year blogs are added below if anyone is interested in my journey so far, it’s been one hell of a ride and I’ve relished every moment……enjoy!!

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A 43 year old mature student currently studying fine art at degree level. Registered nurse for 18 years and continue to work for the NHS whilst studying. Mother to a teenager which is a job in itself!!

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