Quick isolation poetry: challenging myself to make on the spot poems.

I challenged myself to compose some short poems during lock down.  Mainly thoughts and feelings.  None taking longer than a few minutes to write.  The idea is not to think, just feel.

Ode To my mother…

A cup of tea with a digestive,
Nestled in the glow of the light from the electric fire,
A few words of wisdom, or a clip around the ear,
never too old for a telling off.
I miss it,
I miss the familiarity of your smell,
the way you roll your eyes when I’m being cheeky,
the warm hug hello, or goodbye,

but I haven’t lost you,

you are safe in your cocoon,

you are safe as I see you on the cold screen of FaceTime,
you are safe, and I’m thankful for that,

waiting patiently for this silent war to end,
then we can be together once more. 


Oh sweet day…

Oh sweet day,

The one my heart anticipates,

The day that ends, yet begins,

Where the grey dissipates into history,

Bringing forth the rebirth of kinship,

A smile,

A touch,

These small, once insignificant things we did,

Become our hope,

Our salvation,

Until our reliance upon technology to connect ends,

And we can bask in the warmth of a physicality,

We reconnect through disconnect,

Throw our arms wide to embrace the world once again,

Take in the beauty of a soul that’s been missing for so long,

The synchronous beats of hearts reaching out,

Oh sweet day,

the one my heart anticipates……


Two metres apart.

We are all strangers,

Sharing a commonality,

looking at each other as if we were the carriers,

The breathers of death,

As we wait in line,

Trudging forwards in our own protective bubble,

We are two metres apart,

But the gap between us is much wider.

I’ll hold your hand.
Poetry with added internet stock image







Published by paulajaneart

A 43 year old mature student currently studying fine art at degree level. Registered nurse for 18 years and continue to work for the NHS whilst studying. Mother to a teenager which is a job in itself!!

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