Weight of the world: Video installation for Online Exhibition.

Weight of the world

Video Installation

Artist: Paula Simpson


The weight of the world is a fusion of visual performance and auditory stimulus, which takes the viewer on a journey into the mind of a medical professional living and working within the Covid-19 pandemic.

The artist brings to the forefront their own fears through a series of images incorporating the hospital sign. ‘Welcome to covid-19: Part 1’ in which they are buried under a multitude of bricks. Each brick constituting to the magnitude of the situation the world has found itself to be in. The video represents the over whelming weight of the responsibility for the salvation of human life, and the effect it is having on the multi disciplinary workforce, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The steady heartbeat repeated throughout the video creates a claustrophobic ambiance, and reminds the viewer that we are all human, and with human emotion comes fear, even from those we look to for strength and guidance during dark times.

The artist compares the reality of the crisis to that of dystopian fiction, and performs their own creative poetry during the video installation.



Published by paulajaneart

A 43 year old mature student currently studying fine art at degree level. Registered nurse for 18 years and continue to work for the NHS whilst studying. Mother to a teenager which is a job in itself!!

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