Welcome to Covid-19 part 1: On-line exhibition.


Welcome to Covid-19: Part 1

Hospital Sign

Medium: Projected digital image, available as a limited perspex sign

Size 50cm x 70cm

Artist: Paula Simpson

Over the last three months the world has been spun off its axis and become a place of fear and uncertainty. The artist finds herself asking, how have the UK’s Government dealt with the crisis of Covid-19 in comparison to other countries around the globe? What has been the main focus of their decision making, and how has it effected us as a nation?

The artist uses a social and political agenda, in the form of a traditional NHS Hospital sign. She is thinking about her own experiences as an NHS nurse during this pandemic and the pressure that has been placed upon key workers across a multitude of jobs in the UK.

The artist sets the scene by creating a visual environment of a hospital waiting room.
The words on the sign are intended to resonate with the viewer as they deal with the crisis of Covid-19. They reflect upon their own experience and how each point focussed on has had an affect upon their own lives during this time



Published by paulajaneart

A 43 year old mature student currently studying fine art at degree level. Registered nurse for 18 years and continue to work for the NHS whilst studying. Mother to a teenager which is a job in itself!!

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