Welcome to Covid-19: Part 2. Online Exhibition.


Welcome to Covid-19. Part 2

Propaganda Poster

Medium: Manipulated digital photography

Size: 42cm x 59.5cm

Artist: Paula Simpson

The World faces a threat from an invisible enemy, the biggest pandemic since the plague of 1665 that ravaged it’s way through the UK, killing a quarter of the population of London alone.

In 2020 this enemy is being fought by an army of brave men and women armed only with PPE and sheer grit and determination.

The NHS, the backbone of Britain, can only function with it’s army of nurses in full force, with the Government imploring women to return from retirement, and student nurses to put down their pens and join the fight.

The artist responds to how the Government has dealt with NHS shortages through the pandemic with a nod to the propaganda tools used during the first and second world wars.

The hospital sign from ‘Welcome to Covid-19: Part 1’ is used, as it interweaves it’s way throughout their narrative. She becomes a part of the artwork, portraying her own role as member of the workforce of nurses.

The digital image is manipulated to represent the popular culture of mass media advertising and the Governments reliance upon the strength of the vocational duty instilled in nurses, to increase their ‘army’.



Published by paulajaneart

A 43 year old mature student currently studying fine art at degree level. Registered nurse for 18 years and continue to work for the NHS whilst studying. Mother to a teenager which is a job in itself!!

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